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Gabe Finally Gets His Tax Episode (Cider Tax Special, Barny from Sandford Orchards, Kingsley from Thornborough Cider)

February 28, 2022 Episode 50
Neutral Cider Hotel
Gabe Finally Gets His Tax Episode (Cider Tax Special, Barny from Sandford Orchards, Kingsley from Thornborough Cider)
Show Notes

Join hosts Martyn Goodwin-SharmanGabe Cook, Grant Hutchison and Producer Scott as they count down to the end… of the financial year at Neutral Cider Hotel!

The guys kick things off with a horse of knowledge, brought out of its slumber, for a dive into Wassail! Martyn didn’t attend, instead drinking cider by the glass at The Old Bookshop, Grant instead listened to a playlist, and Gabe insults Martyn’s height. Then it's onto the exciting main event… TAX!

Involved in almost every decision a cider maker in the UK makes, from the packaging, ABV, ingredients to processes, it's one the guys have discussed at length, but this time, it's personal. Or business, I should have written business there. Gabe lays down the law, with in-depth descriptions of the current rules testing even the biggest of cider aficionados and their patience. Then how these are being changed, and what the future may look like once those changes are in place. Grant gives insight into the purchasing and wholesale, and what products might change, and Martyn drinks two ‘made wines’ which will definitely see a change with the new rules. Gabe throws a left or right hook, and the gabe finally gets his minimum juice content conversation back on the table! 

To help discuss the change of tax in the world of cider, the guys discuss the issue with two makers of different sizes, with Barny Orchards of Sandford Butterfield and Kingsley Ash of Thornborough Cider. First up is Barny, who comes bearing bad news about the unique ciders of bigger markers, his take on the anti-alcohol brigade and what scale he started to form a team. It’s an eye opener for the guys who usually chat on the smaller side of things, before it's over to Kingsley. Talking about the change of the cliff-edge from the previous tax bracket, to business plans, mushroom corks and MPs. 

If this wasn’t a taxing enough episode, Gabe decided to make a tax-related game. No, really.

And with that, the hotel closes for the night, so please do check out the socials, and send us your messages and Speakpipe messages to have your say in where the guys go, what happens in the future, and just let us know how you’re doing! Bye for now. We'll see you again next month. Until then, cheers from the Neutral Cider Hotel!

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