Neutral Cider Hotel

Has Cinema Ever Been Better Than Con Air? - (Sam Leach from Wilding Cider)

April 03, 2022 Episode 51
Neutral Cider Hotel
Has Cinema Ever Been Better Than Con Air? - (Sam Leach from Wilding Cider)
Show Notes

Join hosts Gabe Cook, Martyn Goodwin-Sharman and Producer Scott as they laugh themselves to tears at the end of this episode of the Neutral Cider Hotel!

Grant Hutchison is away this week, but the show must go on! Gabe lets the guys know about his recent holiday where he met Zimbabwe’s own Nyanga Craft Cider! Impressed by his wares, Gabe got to have the best of the sun, and some wonderful cider, made with the most high-tech equipment! Martyn’s been blending again, but keeping stuff secret until it’s all confirmed! 

There’s positivity right out the gate as Gabe takes part in raising funds with Drinkers for Ukraine, encouraging solidarity brews, auctions and anything the drinks community can do to help out in their small way. Then onto actual joy, with news brought to the guys attention thanks to Blair, as cider makers bring back an ancient tradition in style. And finally, Gabe gives us the official date of the Bristol Cider Salon, so be there or be square! (An old Americanism, apparently).

Then it's onto the interview. The guys welcome the co-founder of one of the UK’s most name-checked cider makers, whose ciders have graced this podcast on more than one occasion.  Having achieved local infamy in Bristol with their small field to fork restaurant called Birch, our guest and his wife ditched the kitchen for the orchard to focus on creating ciders exuding grace and skill and with a focus on the landscape they came from.  Checking into the hotel today is Mr. Sam Leach from Wilding Cider!

The guys chat everything including the first horse of knowledge of the year, orcharding practices, new techniques, Russian Oligarchs in wine, the disappearance of Clive and everything in-between those long arms!

Then, it's onto the first listener question of the year and this would have been perfect for Grant  as he's a fan of a certain band. Iain from the Pittsburgh Penguins calls in with a little question. 

And with that, the hotel closes for the month, so please do check out the socials, and send us your DMs, social posts and Speakpipe messages to have your say in where the guys go, what happens in the future, and just let us know how you’re doing! Cheers!

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