Neutral Cider Hotel

May The 4th Be With You (Tom and Lydia from Artistraw Cider)

May 04, 2022 Episode 52
Neutral Cider Hotel
May The 4th Be With You (Tom and Lydia from Artistraw Cider)
Show Notes

Join hosts Gabe Cook, Martyn Goodwin-Sharman, Grant Hutchison and Producer Scott as as they do a deep dive on Star Wars in the Neutral Cider Hotel!

Grant Hutchison is back on the podcast explaining why he missed the previous episode’s recording. Gabe lets the guys know that he’s recently won CAMRA’s Campaigner of the Year Award  and we’re all so proud of him and his relentless cider (and self) promotion. Finally, Martyn shares a wonderful story of drinking culture in the UK and a night of fun capped off with a vomit shower.

Then, it’s onto the news where Gabe details a new release from Strongbow that’s edging into the Hard Seltzer world with their new Dark Fruit Ultra. There’s also a discussion of some of the big cider competitions that are back on this year including GLINTCAP, Hereford Cider Museum and Royal Bath and West Show. Grant reveals that his cider shop (Aeble) has launched a new cider subscription service offering high quality ciders for subscribers throughout the UK. Finally, Gabe and the guys raise a glass to Gabe’s former boss Alex Peckham from Peckham’s Cider in New Zealand as Alex recently passed away from illness. Cheers to you, Alex. RIP.

Then it's onto this week’s interview and, as Producer Scott likes to say, it’s a doozy! This week, the guys invite onto the show a couple of committed environmentalists and permaculture practitioners that apply strong sustainable credentials to their cider making. The result is a spectacular range of delicious ciders that we can’t stop talking about. Checking into the hotel is Lydia Crimp and Tom Tibbits from Artistraw Cider!

In between loads of laughter, the guys chat about how they got started, getting high on their own supply, their unique and environmental approach to cider, how they work together as a married couple, their obsession with puns and their favorite radio station,!

Finally, the guys close out the show by highlighting some of the favorite things they are watching lately which leads to a fairly lengthy discussion of Star Wars movies and shows (The Mandalorian). 

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