Neutral Cider Hotel

No Quilt For You, Queeny! (James and Susanna Forbes from Little Pomona Return, Tutored Tasting with Little Pomona )

March 14, 2021 Season 1 Episode 22
Neutral Cider Hotel
No Quilt For You, Queeny! (James and Susanna Forbes from Little Pomona Return, Tutored Tasting with Little Pomona )
Show Notes

Join hosts Gabe Cook, Grant Hutchison and Martyn Goodwin-Sharman as they get the social media handles, and ready the mop and bucket once again in the Neutral Cider Hotel!

First, Gabe dives straight in with some shameless plugs including work with Tasting Online and The Fishguard Roundtable, Grant felt a little left out against the esteemed ologists, and Martyn announces a new release from Pilton! As it was just International Women’s Day, Grant shines a spotlight on some of the names and faces that have made cider a better place, and Gabe is still not accepted onto a certain facebook group! 

In the news this week, Gabe somehow makes it all about himself again! He’s bringing his foundation course online with the wonderful help of Crafty Nectar (not a quilt company), which you’ll be able to reap many benefits from. Gabe somehow, miraculously manages to plug a cider book that isn’t his own, this time the wonderful Dan Pucci and Craig Cavallo’s book; American Cider! Expect the book to bring as much in-depth analysis of America’s cider culture as our Producer Scott provides.

This week’s guests are a wild one for Neutral Cider Hotel, they’re the first guests to make a return, and this time, they’re changing the format of the show entirely! James, Susanna and Blair of Little Pomona have brought a tutored tasting to the hotel in an event called; Some Like It Still! Taking inspiration from the world of wine bringing samples of their latest releases to the consumer, Little Pomona are bringing a range of their interesting drinks in an affordable package and an online tasting format! Expect wildly intertextual jokes, callbacks, wild expressions of cider, and branded buckets coming to an online shop soon!

"You just need to give the whole liquid time to be what it's going to become." - James Forbes

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