Neutral Cider Hotel

Slightly Traveled Individual Man (Felix Nash from Fine Cider)

May 23, 2021 Season 1 Episode 32
Neutral Cider Hotel
Slightly Traveled Individual Man (Felix Nash from Fine Cider)
Show Notes

Join hosts Gabe Cook, Sugar Plum Fairy and Angel Delight as they get their just desserts at the Nigel Cider Hotel!

But first, Gabe brings a story featuring pudding and pandemonium, Martyn warms up for International Cider Challenge which Grant wasn’t invited to, before he goes on to apologise to previous guest Gidon of Original Sin for our reaction to newly released POG Cider!

Then, it’s onto the news, with a special guest! Alex Metcalfe of CAMRA brings the boys up to speed with Cyder Month, featuring audio, video and a spot of Gabe Cook? 

This week’s guest is Felix Nash of Fine Cider. He has had a telling contribution to artisanal cider’s renaissance over the last 5 years, establishing his business back in 2014 with a desire to bring exciting ciders to the tables of Michelin starred restaurants. He has not only achieved this ambition, but also heralded a new concept that we at the hotel love; ‘Fine Cider’.

The guys talk about everything, from a cider book that Gabe didn’t write, changing your business model in the face of lockdown and how the world of cider has changed in 8 years. The guys crack three ciders from three producers; Starvecrow Bourbon, Brännland Claim 2018 and Gregg’s Pit Dabinett & Yarlington Mill. 

Then it’s onto listener answers? Yes, Martyn threw out a question to the listeners about where they love drinking ciders, so expect accents and bad geography!

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Martyn loves to write about cider: CiderShit

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