Neutral Cider Hotel

Welcome to Drum Talk (Jane Peyton from School of Booze, Ascension's Voss Kveik Cider Tasting)

May 31, 2021 Season 1 Episode 33
Neutral Cider Hotel
Welcome to Drum Talk (Jane Peyton from School of Booze, Ascension's Voss Kveik Cider Tasting)
Show Notes

Join hosts Gabe Cook, Grant Hutchison and Martyn Goodwin-Sharman as they cast out for the funnies at the Neutral Cider Hotel!

But first, Grant brings a good story with a tenuous link to our little cider world, before Gabe reels us back in with puns, before being snared in a trap of "drum talk." 

Then it’s onto the news, and a serious one with an insight into the harrowing side of alcohol and craft beer. Ratmagnet on Instagram has shone a light on sexual misconduct from people in the industry through stories, and the guys reflect on the cider industry in this context, with some good news from previous guest Tasmine Fraser for the #NoAppleogies campaign. 

This week’s guest is Jane Peyton, through her business, the School of Booze, she provides fun and informative sessions delving deeper into the wonderful world of drinks, from a sensory and historical perspective. And… she also happens to be the UK’s very first Pommelier! The guys chat everything, from Dr. Gabe’s promotion to Professor, the booze on Coronation Street, the joys of being in the pub, etymology and what writing music is like! 

Then, it's onto the tasting with Ascension Cider, and their Voss Kveik. An unusual yeast for brewing, matched with an unusual label by helicopter enthusiast Matt Billing. Mixed in with this, is a caption contest featuring our own Grant and Jaye on the promotion of their new shop, which I can’t remember the name of. The good, the bad, and the most confusing captions come up in the judgement of this wonderful couple on the opening of their shop.

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