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Addictive: Great For 16-Year-Olds (Tom Stephens, Rebel Root)

June 27, 2021 Episode 37
Neutral Cider Hotel
Addictive: Great For 16-Year-Olds (Tom Stephens, Rebel Root)
Show Notes

Join hosts Gabe Cook, Grant Hutchison and Martyn Greatest-Showman as they pitch up in the mud, with the Neutral Cider Hotel!

Up first, the guys celebrate the missing event from the cider calendar; Glastonbury Festival. This year’s celebration is cancelled for obvious reasons, but the guys go through their festival stories including backstage antics, Grant’s joyless view of the magic, and Gabe’s brother and the terror of the murderous horses. Ten points for guessing correctly which host brings up the toilet humour first! Martyn then cracks a bottle of Little Pomona’s Table Perry, with a playlist from our own Grant, and Scott takes the guys through his highlight of years in the festival game.

Then, in the news, it’s a maker from the fruit episode; Kopparberg in the news! Freedom of speech and fake news in the world of cider, before Original Sin’s New York Dry Cider comes onto the market, with targeted advertising for the product. And finally, Grant’s opinion is needed on the smoky chill of a new product.

This week’s interview is with an apple grower, pro-juicer and cider maker with a passion for regenerative agriculture. From his family farm in Sussex Tom Stephens has created a multi-award winning juice brand with Wobblegate, one of the first modern cider tap rooms in the country, and a progressive, unapologetically West Sussex cidery in Rebel Root

Featuring all the book plugs in best ways, the guys chat about all things; traditional cider vs new world, branding and ethos, Bramley and the cider drinker and running businesses with a young family. This week's tasting is two new ciders from Rebel Root, in cans! Down Time and Gypsy Soul are cracked, studied and questioned properly in the Hotel!

Then it's time to dive into your Listener Questions including a Speakpipe message from a certain fan in Washington DC, and some inquisitive words from New Zealand! Featuring copper pipes and Italian advice, the guys have a good time with this one!

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