Neutral Cider Hotel

Set The World To Rights (Mini Episode - Sandford Orchards, Kentish Pip, Scottish Slang Game)

July 11, 2021 Episode 39
Neutral Cider Hotel
Set The World To Rights (Mini Episode - Sandford Orchards, Kentish Pip, Scottish Slang Game)
Show Notes

Join hosts Gabe Cook, Grant Hutchison and Martyn Goodwin-Sharman as they ponder the fate of the Neutral Cider Hotel!

Up first, with the recent announcement of season one coming to an end and the uncertainty of what’s next, the guys get to work on the live show to make sure it's literally the best show anyone has seen in 2021. The Neutral Cider Hotel LIVE show is happening this year at the Bristol Cider Salon on Thursday, the 12th of August, so please plan to join guys for a live recording of the show.  For more details and to purchase tickets, go to our Eventbrite page.

In this week’s show, the guys are putting the world to rights. Pulling back the curtain on what it takes to run a hotel, the guys drink the wares of guests that weren’t and ciders that were had but no one heard they were had.

We finally taste Sandford Orchards Vintage Series, with a dial-up delay and the wonderful Kentish Pip, featuring the movers and shakers Discovery, and the ever easy Skylark. We also note some cider makers we didn’t have on the show, but had hoped to and want you to check them out. Those include Angry OrchardThe Son of The Smiths Cider in Japan, some traditionalist ciders from the likes of Julian Temperley or Roger WilkinsRaging Cider & Mead in San Diego and Tanuki Cider. And, for the record, this is not Kingsbury Episcopi!

Then, for our feature this week, we opened up the Patreon vault again and found you another great, but never aired feature called “Scotta Get Through This.” Grant challenges the boys on their knowledge of Scottish slang and, let’s just say someone needs to shoogle some sense into them. This is a mini-episode, shorter than usual, but no less fabulous. 

And, don’t be afraid to leave us a message about the podcast, the live show, any of Gabe’s books, auto repair questions or anything else at our Speakpipe! We’d love to hear from you.

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