Neutral Cider Hotel

Le Stinky Poo Poo (Mini Episode - Our Good, Bad and Ugly Cider Experiences)

July 18, 2021 Episode 40
Neutral Cider Hotel
Le Stinky Poo Poo (Mini Episode - Our Good, Bad and Ugly Cider Experiences)
Show Notes

Join hosts The Good, The Bad and Martyn Goodwin-Sharman as they gear up for the end, at the Neutral Cider Hotel!

Up first, with the recent announcement of season one coming to an end and the uncertainty of what’s next, the guys get to work on the live show to make sure they make all of their fans that attend, have an amazing time. The Neutral Cider Hotel LIVE show is happening at the 2021 Bristol Cider Salon. If you are going to be at the Cider Salon or are willing to journey to Bristol on Thursday, the 12th of August, please plan to join guys for a live recording of the show. It’s happening at the Hen & Chicken. Show will start promptly at 8pm. For more details and to purchase tickets, check out our Eventbrite page. Tickets are limited and they will sell out, so get yours now! 

In this week’s show, the guys take a jab at star signs in place of Mystic Meg, and Gabe gets caught in a cider avoidance scheme, before they discuss the good side of cider. Gabe’s trip to Norway and a surprise apple at Balholm Cider, Martyn’s guest blending with the likes of Pilton and Little Pomona with a new one with Nightingale Cider, and Scott’s gateway through the pod to this little world called cider all make up their favourite moments.

Then it's onto this week’s mini episode, which followed on from our conversation with the wonderful Rachel Hendry, so check out her wonderful blog at!

Our feature this week, we opened up the Patreon vault again and found a never aired feature called “Bad Cider.” Martyn asks the guys about their worst experiences in the world of cider, featuring such hits as boats and service, festival drinking and guided tours gone wrong! And before the guys leave, there’s a message on the Speakpipe, from an anonymous Irish robot...

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