Neutral Cider Hotel

Hot Dog Flavored Cider (Mini Episode - Our Favorite Music, Ross On Wye Blind Tasting)

August 01, 2021 Episode 42
Neutral Cider Hotel
Hot Dog Flavored Cider (Mini Episode - Our Favorite Music, Ross On Wye Blind Tasting)
Show Notes

Join hosts MC G. Sizzle, Grant Hutchison and Martyn Goodwin-Sharman as they get wiggity wiggity whack at the Neutral Cider Hotel.

Up first, we want to remind you that the Neutral Cider Hotel LIVE show is right around the corner. Please join us Thursday, the 12th of August at the Hen & Chicken in Bristol for our first live recording of the show. Get your tickets soon as we want the placed packed for a night of fun, cider and prizes. For more details and to purchase tickets, go to our Eventbrite page. 

In this week’s show, the guys chat Two Belly and Ross on Wye’s collaboration blend, drainpours and the true nature of hip hop. Music takes a front seat in this week’s show, with the guys discussing albums they were playing ten years ago, so feel free to listen to their suggestions, but only after the episode has finished!

Then, it’s onto our feature this week, where once again we opened up the Patreon vault and found a never aired feature called “Hot Dog Flavored Cider”; a blind tasting game featuring the beautiful bottles of Ross on Wye. Expect teamwork, treachery, confusing scoring, and high production values! Also, we’ve finally answered the #releasethefoxwhelpcut by actually releasing some foxwhelp content. We hope our foxwhelp fans (especially Cath) are happy, but also are completely indifferent about it if they’re not happy.

This episode closes with a musical epilogue that, I won’t spoil here, but sweet jesus is it good.

There are still a few episodes left in Season 1, releasing through the month of August, so please continue to listen and share with your friends. We absolutely appreciate you and your continued support.

And, please reach out and leave us a voicemail on our Speakpipe page before the end of Season 1 so we can hear your comments, answer your questions and take whatever you have for us!

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