Neutral Cider Hotel

An Incestuous Jar Of Eggs (Mini Episode - Pandemic Chat, Pickled Eggs, Pub Quiz)

August 08, 2021 Episode 43
Neutral Cider Hotel
An Incestuous Jar Of Eggs (Mini Episode - Pandemic Chat, Pickled Eggs, Pub Quiz)
Show Notes

Grab a pen, put a pound in the pot and grab a quiz sheet with Gabe Cook, Grant Hutchison and Martyn Goodwin-Sharman at the Neutral Cider Hotel!

Up first, a quick update on our live show at the Bristol Cider Salon scheduled for this Thursday, the 12th of August. Unfortunately, it’s been postponed. For more info on why (COVID) as well as updates on when and where it would be rescheduled, please follow us on our social media pages for the latest news.

In this week’s episode, we unlock for you the final never-before aired episode from Patreon vault and it's called “Pub Life”; the guys chat about pubs returning to normal in spring, service and having a baby in lockdown. Then, a ludicrous tale of pickled eggs and The Cock Tavern, and as promised; all the flavours are here. Then, it's onto a quiz to celebrate all pubs around the world.

Finally, the guys revisit there pandemic conversation from April and then get into their experience in the world with vaccines!

There are still three episodes left before the Season 1 Finale of the Neutral Cider Hotel at the end of August, so please continue to listen and share with your friends. We absolutely appreciate you and your continued support. We also have some great guests lined up for the last three episodes including one "nationally" known that we think you’ll like.

Also, please leave us a voicemail on our Speakpipe page as soon as you can so we have a chance to air them before the season ends. 

The Team:
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Martyn loves to write about cider: CiderShit

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