Neutral Cider Hotel

Season 1 Finale (Robby Honda from Tanuki Cider, Surprise Guests)

August 30, 2021 Episode 46
Neutral Cider Hotel
Season 1 Finale (Robby Honda from Tanuki Cider, Surprise Guests)
Show Notes

Grab your bags, double check you have everything from your room, and head to reception, as Gabe Cook, Grant Hutchison and Martyn Goodwin-Sharman check out of the Neutral Cider Hotel.

As Season One of the show draws to a close, the guys discuss how it started, who takes the blame for the show, and their favourite moments. Certain things pop up so keep an ear out for some surprises! Martyn finally gets his arms on a bottle of Wilding or Wildling (it’s too late to check which ones which now), Gabe can’t leave out any references to tackle and bait headphones, and grant cuts the unaired bedroom-session episode to ribbons, like a badminton net with a tomato knife.

Then it's onto the final interview of the season -- Robby Honda from Tanuki Cider! The guys chat everything: from Robby’s interest in starting a cider company with his brother even though he had no skills to offer, how his family and their history with apple orchards inspired him to start a cider business, his DIY ethic and approach to Tanuki to dry farming in a place where water is scarce, the lore of the Tanuki and the challenges of growing apples in a geography that encounters heat waves, droughts and dry lightning. Robby also turns the tables and asks Grant about drinking and playing drums which leads to a lovely discussion of how cider brings us all together.

While chatting with Robby, the guys crack two Tanuki cider bottles; Wild Fermented Gravenstein and, you guessed it, Newton Pippin! Both wonderfully different, equally interesting and downright unexpected in one way, the guys loved cracking some specifically imported stuff for the episode, so thanks again to the guys of Tanuki for shipping over the good stuff!

Then it's onto the speakpipes, and you guys honked the pipe for the last show! Featuring new voices and previous guests, you’d be safe to guess that some foxwhelp content will be demanded, opinions will be given, and some lovely little send off messages will be taken to heart by the guys.

And with that, we sign the guest book and check out of the Neutral Cider Hotel...for now.

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