Neutral Cider Hotel

I Am A Wine Spurt (Olly Smith, First Waltz Tasting)

January 31, 2022 Episode 49
Neutral Cider Hotel
I Am A Wine Spurt (Olly Smith, First Waltz Tasting)
Show Notes

It's out with the old shameless plugs, and in with the new shameless plugs, as  Gabe Cook, Grant Hutchison and Martyn Goodwin-Sharman check back into the newly refurbished, Neutral Cider Hotel!

The guys welcome Season 2 in a wildly unceremonious fashion, but lay down the expectation of a monthly schedule, so get ready for a new and different pace for the show.  First things first though as Producer Scott has to ready the sound effects because the author of Ciderology announces his Patreon (Ta Da)! With wonderful exclusives, tier names and writing propositions, there’s plenty to get excited about with Gabe’s latest venture!

Then it's onto the news, with a cider subscription service in the UK, the chain Wetherspoons have ditched Strongbow for Stowford Press, and a certain person is not going to Cidercon, so there’s a whole broadsheet in this week’s opening of the show.

 Then, we have a brilliant chat with national treasure Olly Smith.  He’s an award winning communicator, author and podcast host and, without question, the jolliest drinks expert in town, He has regular television spots, books, and Pingu writing credits to his name! The guys chat everything, from Jason Orange, to parents loving Gabe, George Harrison and his Olly's own range of glassware! It's a full, wild ride of enthusiasm from a wine loving guy, who makes it incredibly tempting to pick up a bottle of plonk pronto!

After the chat with Olly, the guys drink Little Pomona’s collab with our own Grant; First Waltz. A rich, wild ride that the guys drink and dissect, whilst using a word that doesn’t sound right in a British mouth! The guys then break down how collaborations come together in cider, so definitely a chat you might want to listen to if you’re looking to make something in cider.

Alas, that’s the end of the show, so please do check out the socials, and send us your messages and Speakpipes to have your say in where the guys go, what happens in the future, and just let us know how you’re doing. And, thanks for listening. We appreciate you.

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